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Top 5 key benefits of SEO for your business blog and website

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The SEO becomes the vast part of website optimization. Since, it has been considered as legitimate ranking way for websites, blogs and business, There is no options remain anymore. For doing SEO, There are Free and Paid both options are available online and offline. You can start by reading SEO tutorials online or an Ebook. First of all before starting the 5 key benefits of SEO on business, blogs and websites For those who know how to create a blog free and make money online must should be know how to do it with perfection.

So here is the list of 5 key benifits of SEO.

1. More Customers

One of the reasons of having a website is to beat out your competitors. Increase Sales and Stand out in the market. SEO also focuses on creating informative and keyword relevant title tags and meta descriptions. There is equality for selling online or just providing free mp3 songs or something else to the customers, because the more customers you have, you can increase the chances of sales or ad revenue. If you are willing to spend few hours of time and small amount of money for your business, SEO will help you brings “targeted" traffic to your blog and websites, and furthermore more customers to your business.

2. Better conversion rates

SEO-optimised websites loads faster and are easy to surf, read and will display properly in almost all types of modern devices, including mobile and tablets. A good campaign will get peoples to take your conversion action and helps bettering conversion rates. Some benefits of better conversion rates are:

  • Make Decisions Based on Data and analysis.
  • Get Better Results naturally.
  • Make More Money in less Time.
  • Outrank Your Competition easily.

3. Brand awareness

One of the key benefits of getting higher rankings on the SERPs is to building brand awareness. When your sites appear on the 1st page of major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo The more people gets aware of your brand. your potential customers are likely to trust your brand and website when they search for a term rather than other competitors that don’t have a strong web presence. since, blogs or websites on the first page are generally perceived to be trustworthy. The more your web-pages and text content rank in high positions in the listing of search engines. The more chances you will have for users to see your data and associate with your brand.

4. User friendly websites

SEO  helps business or website owners create a faster and user friendly website. Although most peoples still hang on to the old definition of SEO. Some advantages of user friendly websites are:
  •  users can quickly and easily find precisely what they are looking for.
  • more confidence you'll inspire in each of the customers who uses your site.
The On-page SEO, if done mannerly, makes your visitors happy, which makes search engines happy as they love to display high quality information to their users.

5. Cost effectiveness

SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategies it's because it targets visitors who are  looking for your services and products online. since SEO also targets visitors who are actively searching for services and products like yours. The traffic generating from SEO is more powerful than other marketing strategies, resulting in cost-savings for businesses and websites.  

 Here is a bonus info graphics explaining the key benefits of SEO.

So what do you think after reading the 5 key benefits of SEO for business, websites and blogs. Will you go for it?

New SEO Friendly Sidebar Floating Widget for Blogger Blog For 2014

Sharing the best tool to grow knowledge and friendship as per the blogger it works like a bit more than that by growing his/her blog. In the same context today I am sharing a Widget which i have created by manuplating some codes of widget. So it is light and if you are on it will automatically updates your stats. It look so beautiful with the urge of sharing this post will automatically get the attention of reader.


Rank Pay provides SEO Services Now Free for Small Business Websites That Do Not Rank Higher in Google

SEO services are now free for small business websites that are unable to rank higher after utilizing for search engine optimization. 

The SEO experts at Rank Pay have developed a unique formula that is based on actual results received compared with the traditional long-term contract payments for SEO services.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

SEO services are one useful tool that a small business can use to help increase search engine success rates and click-through percentages. The search engine battles have increased over the past 5 years as hundreds of new business startups and entrepreneurs have launched competitive websites., a results based SEO company, has created a unique way for small business owners to reduce the cost of SEO services for a website. Companies receive an online evaluation of keywords for a target URL and are provided with the approximate cost to improve the current positioning in search engines. A company that does not rank in 44 days to a respectably higher position pays nothing for Rank Pay SEO services.

A new trend in website marketing and promotion is to build an online brand around a company, product or service. As more people use the Internet for e-commerce, branding is becoming an important part of conducting business online. Internet marketing has largely been built around creating multiple websites to promote products or services for one or more companies. A search engine optimization company that has experts that know all sides of Internet marketing and promotion can usually offer the best services.

“We know how difficult it can be to promote one website with all of the recent Google changes,” said Brian Hansen, SEO Specialist and Co-Founder of “We own hundreds of websites and know the struggles of getting them to rank in search engines,” added Hansen. A results based SEO strategy is one way that a company can reduce online marketing and e-commerce expenses. 

As Internet search engines begin to put extra focus on high quality content, websites that are able to create and market a brand that is connected to this content could improve results. The emerging presence of online video and social media marketing is one reminder that a business competing in the 21st century must learn to adapt and try new things to remain competitive online. The process of search engine optimization continues to evolve and many new changes could be on the horizon. The risk-free SEO services strategy provided by is one solution that a website owner can try to manipulate existing search engine placement in an effort to get to the first page of Yahoo, Google or Bing.

About Rank Pay

"Rank Pay provides results based SEO services to small business owners and individuals that want to improve search engine optimization success rates. Traditional SEO companies rely on long-term commitments and require upfront fees regardless of search engine rankings performance. Rank Pay was started in 2006 and has built a strong team of SEO experts that get proven results for clients. As search engines update search formulas and algorithms, Rank Pay’s clients are expected to continue to achieve growth and better than expected results throughout 2012."

Enjoy !


For Improving SEO add Meta Tags To your Blog

In this Tutorial Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) after teaching you How to Improve SEO by Adjusting Blog Title Tags . I will show you the best way to add meta tags to your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) to improve the SEO of your blog and work around the limitations of the Blogger platform.

I have observed that there are many Blogger help blogs out there telling you to just add meta tags however this will very likely achieve the opposite result from the one you are after. Whether you are yet to add meta tags or you have added meta tags already make sure you read and follow the methods contained in this article to get the best results.

What are Meta Tags?
Meta tags are HTML tags that provide additional information about your blog that is unseen by visitors but available to search engines. The meta description tag, for example, provides a short summary of the page content. The keyword meta tags show the keywords and keyword phrases a visitor might use to find your blog. Because of abuse of meta tags search engines have become smarter and most no longer place emphasis on keywords to establish page ranking however keyword meta tags are still used by some search engines so it is a good idea to include them.

Limitations of Blogger and SEO
One of the disappointing aspects of Blogger is that it is not properly optimized for SEO. Meta descriptions and keywords are not supported by by default. Title tags are also not optimized. This means that you will miss valuable opportunities to attract visitors to your blog. 

However meta tags and meta descriptions can be inserted into your Blogger template (Blogspot template) to good effect. Fortunately these work arounds will go a long way to improving the placement of your blog in search engine results. Please refer to adjust Blogger title tags for improved SEO for help with title tags.

Simply placing a meta tag description in your Blogger template is problematic because Blogger will use the same meta tags for all pages in your blog. This means that every entry that Google has for your site will show in search results with the same description. This solution would result in reduced traffic rather than increased traffic. However there is a way to add meta tags to the home page of your blog only which will not affect post pages in your blog. In this way visitors will find the home page of your blog in search engines by the use of appropriate keywords and a site description.

How to Add Meta Tags to a Blogger Blogspot Blog Home Page:

1. Login to Blogger if not already logged in

2. Navigate to Design > Edit HTML

3. Back up your template as a precaution by downloading full template to your computer.

4. Check the Expand Widget Templates box

5. Find these lines which will be near the top of your template:
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
6. Paste the following code immediately below <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Place your blog description here' name='description'/>
<meta content='Place your blog keywords here(separated by commas)'
7. Enter your blog description between the single quote marks under description. Maximum 150 characters

8. Enter the keywords of your blog between the single quote marks under keywords. Ensure you separate each keyword or keyword phrase by a comma. Make sure your keywords do not exceed 200 characters

By way of example here are the meta tags I use for the home page of Blog Know How:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Find tips,tricks,tutorials,walkthroughs to customize your Blogger Blogspot blog.SEO,Banners,Adsense,gadgets,fixes,feeds,rss,help for beginner bloggers' name='description'/>
<meta content='blog,blogger,,,blogspot,blogging,tutorials,tips,blogger help,customize blogger,SEO,make money,gadgets,Google Adsense,banners, feeds,analytics,solutions'

9. Click on the Save Template button

10. To see your description in action you can either navigate to your blog's home page and click on view source in your browser. 

In Internet Explorer you will find this option in the view menu. A text document will appear which you can scroll through. You will see your description near the top of the document. Alternatively you can check your description in a free Meta Tag Analyzer tool such as Submit Express or SEO Centro

How to Add Meta Tags to a Blogger Blogspot Blog Individual Post:

1. Follow steps 1 to 4 as for adding meta tags to the Home Page

2. Add the following in the <head> section of your Blogger template. Enter this code below the Home Page code above you have just entered:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == "http://url of your post"'>
<meta content='keywords pertaining to your post' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='crafted description of your post' name='description'/>

Here is an example of optimized meta tags for this post:
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
<meta content='In this Tutorial Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) after teaching you How to Improve SEO by Adjusting Blog Title Tags .' name='description'/>

3. Add your post URL, keywords and description. To find the URL of your post navigate to the post's page and copy the link showing in the address bar of your browser including the http:// prefix 

4. Click on the Save Template button

5. To check your description you can use the view source in your browser once you have navigated to the post page or a meta tag analyzer

*Note: This method is suitable if you have a few key posts that you want to ensure you get maximum traffic on. If you have a lot of posts this manual method would be very tedious. I don't know of any automated method or script to add meta tags at this point but I am investigating it and will keep you posted.

Analyze Your Blogspot Blogger Meta Tags
Once you have added meta tags to your blog you can use tools to analyze them to ensure their relevance. Aim for meta tag relevancy to page content of above 90%. To check this you can use a free meta tag analyzer tool such as Submit Express or SEO Centro

Troubleshooting and Tips
Observe Character Limits
To avoid problems ensure that you keep within the maximum character limits:

Title Tag - Maximum Characters is 60
Site Description - Maximum Characters is 150
Keywords - Maximum Characters is 200

Title Tag Trick
If you have inserted the title tag tweak and it is highly recommended that you do so then you will need to add the code above after the title tag adjustment in the <head> section of your template. Read more about adjusting title tags

Although some search engines no longer place too much emphasis on keywords some still do so it is worth adding keywords. Avoid using the same keyword more than 3 times. The maximum number of keywords recommended to be robot friendly is around 20.

Problems Reading the Code
Some readers have reported problems with their browser reading this code. Try this document form of the article if this happens to you

In this Blogger meta tag tutorial I have discussed the best way to add meta tags to a Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) to improve search engine results given the limitations of the Blogger platform. In this article you have learned to add both meta tags for keywords and descriptions to the home page. You have also learned how to add meta tags to an individual post. To optimize your meta tags I have included links to free meta tag analyzer tools.

Enjoy !

I hope you might Find it Helpful and you might liked it. Drop your Experience in Comment box I feel glad to rectify your problem if you have any regarding this topic !


Tips for getting started with SEO

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Regardless of your industry, whether you are in a small-scale start up, or even a Fortune 500 company, Search Engine Optimization (frequently referred to on the web as SEO) can be beneficial to any company.  Search Engine Optimization, for those who do not already know, are activities designed to improve the ranking and visibility of your webpage in organic search results from engines such as Google, or Microsoft Bing.  Search engine optimization, when implemented in connection with a solid Internet marketing campaign strategy, can provide dramatic benefits for you business. Ad Agencies in Denver have been using search engine optimization for some time now, resulting in the dramatic improvement in visibility for client’s websites, along with the ensuing increase of web traffic, awareness, and revenue.

An Ad Agency in Denver, or the surrounding area is your best bet for a comprehensive and effective search engine optimization campaign. Ad Agencies in Denver frequently hire Google Certified employees, or become Google Certified Partner Agencies, which ensures not only they are the first to receive new information from Google on SEO practices, but are also tested and approved to implement SEO for the largest search engine in the world, Google.

 Of course, aside from hiring an Ad Agency in Denver, there are several search engine optimization tips and tricks that many companies and employees can implement themselves. Although the results will not be as profound as if you had hired a Google Certified Partner Agency, they will certainly improve the ranking and visibility of your web site. Your goal should be to get to the front page of Google!

1: Do your keyword research: 

Do you know how people are searching for you or your services, meaning, what terms they are using? Proper Keyword lists are the first step to a successful SEO campaign. For instance, if you are an Advertising Agency in Denver, people will probably search ‘ad agency Denver’. Implement these keywords as much as possible throughout your site, front page, business name, etc. A rule of thumb is to use the keyword two times for every 200 words.

2: Blog!:

It’s not just traditional web sites that you can implement your key words onto (although you should be doing that). Google loves blogs, and implementing keywords, and linking your page’s content into them dramatically will improve your search ranking. If you don’t have one, start one.

3: Monitor your results: 

Google Analytics, Ad Agencies in Denver, and other businesses can provide tools and metrics to see the effectiveness of your campaign. If you are spending a ton of time (you shouldn’t) and the results aren’t what you hoped for, consider enlisting the services of a Denver Ad Agency. Look for Google Partner companies for your best chances of success.

Remember, this is a long-term, continuous process, so don’t be discouraged. These small tips can make a world of difference for your company…so get out there and optimize!

Add your blog/website(s) to google Index

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You have noticed when you search about 10 query appear on the first page or even on the next page. Did you ever run your mind to think over it hoe it Happen. If you are a blogger and a website owner might have been thinking over it why your site does not appear over the first page. Well when you add your site to any search engine you simply provide your website as a option to the viewers for that relevant Query. 

*Note : When you add your website to the google indes does not mean that your website will appear on the first page or even on the next couple of pages.


70+ Free High PR Directories List for Free website and Blog Submittion

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Here today I Have Prepared about 70 PR Directory where you can Submit your website or blog free of cost. There is no such Charge of submitting your website on the listing High PR Listed Directories below.

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