How to Remove / Disable Facebook Timeline With an Extention

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Today I'm Free and tired with this Timeline i have decided to overcome this problem. Though we know Since The Facebook introduced the new timeline interface, many Facebook users were not satisfied with its new look. So we found a very easy solution to remove it. You just need to install the extension for your browser and you are ready with your old profile. Remember that this is only for your own computer and others will see your profile with the new Timeline interface.

See the extension icon. It is set to cross, that means we will see our profile in the new timeline format. But as soon as we set it to Right Tick (as shown in image below after clicking on the cross icon), it will show us our profile in the old and classic format (after refreshing the page).

So to have your old profile back, just install the extension for your browser from the links given below.

Watch the Video Tutorial For Removing the Timeline

Enjoy !

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