How to Create a Blog.

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When you are new to Blogger then these is in your Mind How to create My First Blog. And what amount did i have to pay. Well clear you that it is totally free of cost and it do provide a free domain. Which is getting online just after creating blog. Here are the list of things you have to follow to create your first blog.


During Blogger's Create a Blog process the first step is to choose a URL or link for your blog during the 'Name Your Blog' step. After typing in a URL you want in the Blog address (URL) field always click the 'Check Availability' link below. This will let you know immediately if that URL has already been taken or is available.


Many times you will find that the URL has already been taken but that blog is not being updated. If you still wish for that URL you can go to that blog and leave a comment on the latest post at the top of the blog requesting the owner to transfer the blog to you if he/she is not interested in it. You can also click on the profile link (if any) and check whether there is an email address in it to contact the owner.


If both the above methods fail you have to get creative using hyphens between words as Blogger does not allow recirculation of unused URLs. Choose a URL which is as short as possible and contains the main subject of your blog (keyword) as this will help the search engines to index your blog better.


During the last step of creating a blog you will be prompted to 'Start Posting'. Even if you have nothing to say click the link and you will be taken to the Post Editor. Type in a 'Test Post' as the title field and 'Test Post' in the posts editor and click Publish Post button below to publish it. Later after creating some real posts you can delete this post.
Until you create a test post your blog will not become available on the Internet. Publishing the first post makes the blog viewable on the Internet.


When you publish a post your post becomes a page on the Internet and is given a URL also called the Permanent Link (Permalink) of that post. It will be of this type :

You cannot alter anything in this Permalink once the post is published. The only part you can affect is the last part : "FIRST-4-TO-6-WORDS-FROM-POST-TITLE" so choose your post titles so as to include the most important keywords in the post within the first six words of the Post Title. These will be included in the Permalink and indexed by the search engines.


When you write a post remember that viewers are viewing it on the screen and not reading a book. So try not to include large paragraphs or break them up into smaller paragraphs of 1 or 2 sentences each. You will also get your point across effectively by also including bolded text, colored text, images, links and blockquotes within your post.


Do not make too long posts also. Ideally each post should be from 250 to 500 words to enable the viewer to easily understand and read it. Do a spell check and a grammar check before publishing.


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